Riding the School Bus Emotional Wave

I didn't believe you mamas when you told me how emotional it would be!  I thought, oh I'm sure I will be a bit sad when that bus to kindergarten rolls away, but I had PLANS for my day.

Those plans didn't happen.  I went and had coffee with a couple of girlfriends.  That kindergarten bus, that I followed the one mile to school, was holding a piece of my heart.  That piece of my heart that sassily said, "Go with the ADULTS, Mommy!"  Thanks Honeybadger.

Two days later it was R3's turn.  By then, I knew I would be sad, but ok.  Holy cannolis Batman!! I was NOT ready to put my three year old on a bus!  I had made a living convincing parents of not quite two year olds to put THEIR special needs babies on a bus to be cared for by me. Yet here I stood, the ultimate hypocrite, following yet another bus, not ready to trust my little pumpkin with someone else.

Last week is done.  Tomorrow, hopefully, will be easier (not convinced).  I'm hoping the hubs brings home some wine, because ladies...I need it.

Poor Belle, she may be squished from all of the hugs.


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