How I Traveled Around the World...Healthy, Happy and On a Budget.

Not long ago, the hubs and I embarked on a two month adventure around the world.  Of course we couldn't hit ALL of the places that we wanted to see, but we did pick up some great tips along the way...

1. Don't eat in a tourist trap.  Especially in Europe.  Make a left, go around the corner and find something else.  We have had some of the best meals of my life doing that!  Oh!  There was this amazing restaurant in Rome we found when I was seriously HANGRY!

2. Bring the meds you need.  Especially when traveling to Asia and non Westernized countries. Bring your pain relievers, your tummy medicines, and all that jazz.

3.  Be careful with street food.  In lots of countries, you can get some nasty stuff from street vendors.  If you have to indulge, make sure it's cooked thoroughly and go for one with lots of traffic.  Generally locals know where to go!

4.  Similar to number three but beware of water.  Some countries I have been in, locals will refill water bottles with tap water and sell it on the street to tourists.  Dysentery anyone?  I *may* have not followed my own advice about water safety in Mexico once and had to suffer from Montezuma's revenge.  Not fun, but curable.  Some things you can get from untreated water are incurable.  

5. Make sure you know the number of the embassy in the country(ies) you will be visiting,  just tuck that info right into your passport.

6.  Do some research before you go.  I particularly love the rough guides for recommendations.

7. Save money (and your sanity) and travel in the off season.  Everything will be cheaper, and you won't have to fight the crowds.  I'm not saying go when there is driving snow, just don't wait until the primary travel season.

8. Plan your clothing!  I made sure that everything that I packed could be worn with everything else.  It wasn't easy and required a LOT of editing but I traveled for 2 months with a large backpack and a carry on!

9. With number 8 in mind, plan on doing laundry. It means less packing and it was very easy to find a place to launder and fold everything for a very reasonable price.  FYI that place is not the hotel.

I'm pretty sure I missed something huge...what's your go to travel tip?

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