Thank God for Family.

I just spent an amazing week with my Aunt and cousin.  It really made me thankful for all of the wonderful family that I have. My dad is one of ten siblings. Ten of the most boisterous, loud, loving and audacious people I have ever met.  I am in love with my family.

I get jealous, I know I have said it before, of my girlfriends and their moms.  I live vicariously through fun shopping expeditions, pedicure appointments and family dinners.  I remember having those and they sure were fun.

As much as I feel sad that I don't get to share those things with my mom anymore I am lucky in my Aunts.  They threw me a family baby shower for the Honeybadger. One of those perfect invitation, gorgeous baked goods and fancy salad type of showers.  I was so thankful.  Another Aunt came to Maryland (from LA) when she was born to help.  My sweet cousin/bestie said, "Christy will never ask but she needs help."  Auntie N was basically on the next plane.  I didn't NEED help, but I needed mothering. She did my laundry, fed me, and told me what a great job I was doing.  It was all I needed to get a jump start into mommyhood.  I think most of my friends got that from their moms.

Another Aunt came after Belle was born.  In fact, Aunt N did too.  I felt so blessed to have so many loving mothers, even if they aren't mine.  My auntie Fave just left.  She came to visit us and give the kiddos back tickles to sleep, bedtime stories and all of the things that my mom would have loved.  I appreciated every minute and shed more than a few tears when she left.  I miss my mom.  I miss having mothering, even at the age of, ahem, 29.  I love and appreciate my Aunts for stepping in when I need it most and giving encouragement that I am doing a good job.  You know, the stuff moms say.  I miss it.  Give your mama a kiss for me.  Enjoy her.


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