Fussy Baby? Keep Them Happy While You Get Stuff Done!

fussy baby solutions

We have all been there. Baby is fussy, you can't put her down. It's 11 am, and you are covered in spit up.  You desperately need a shower, to start a load of laundry and do some other minute task that never seems to get done.  You just need 10-15 minutes ALONE and away from the baby that you have been wearing all morning.  Don't feel guilty, we have all been there.  It seems like an impossible task, keeping baby occupied so that you can get some things done.  I am here to tell you it can be done with a little planning!  

The answer?  Baby Stations!  These were mine:

1. Playmat with lots of dangly toys.

2. My favorite rainforest bouncer.  

3. When they got old enough, the exersaucer (or the circle of neglect as its called in my house). We really like this one because the height is very adjustable for the teeny tinies.

4. The other exersaucer.  Yup, I have a bouncer.  I only use both in case of dire (think hot hair implements not safe for Babywearing) emergencies.  This bad boy isn't for the tiny littles.  The height isn't adjustable enough.

It sounds too simple?  Just make all of those things accessible and in the place that you need it before you start.  Rotate that sweet, squishy baby through and VOILA!  Productive mama.  I got 10 minutes from the rainforest bouncer alone! Seriously, I need to quit it with the ridiculous animal themes.  What are your go-to baby activity stations? 

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