Impromptu Vacay!

After having been stuck in the house (for more weeks than I care to discuss) with sick kids and snow, I was ready for a break!

Did I mention that my father lives in Florida?  And did I mention my two younger sisters and stepmother are there too?  Did I also mention that they have a pool and TONS of fun toys? No?  They do.

At this point the kids are in hog heaven.  R3 spends half his day throwing a ball for the dog and the other half in the pool.  The Honeybadger changes her outfit (and bathing suit) almost every hour, jumps on the trampoline, swims in the pool, and generally has enjoyed every minute.  I think she wrangled my sister into painting her nails too.

Belle has happily crawled everywhere.  She is getting lots of doggie kisses, splashes in the pool and long, exhausted baby naps.

Me? I am loving that my babies are so happy.  I love that they can play outside whenever they want without fear of freezing parts.  It's almost too glorious to mention.

It wouldn't be my family if we had zero wrinkles though.  Poor R3 caught a nasty stomach virus and had to get a shot in the bootie.  Poor little man.  I'm sure I will get it next.   I think I feel phantom vomit pain every five minutes.  Ha!

I hope you are having a wonderful week too!



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