Terrifying Baby Milestones

Baby Milestones Parenting

If you are a brand new mom you may not have hit that first one (unless you circumcised your son).  Veteran moms know about these.  Each one that you worry about and hate.   Mine first was always the two month shots.  It's nerve wracking to have someone give a shot (or several) to your newborn.  That heartbreaking cry when they realize that they have been hurt is awful.

I want to chicken out, (and send the hubs) especially from the shots, but nursing always makes it better. So there I am with each of the kids, hoping that they don't have a crazy reaction.  It never gets easier, not even after baby number three.

Food is the next big hurdle.  I was careful with Clara, but R3 had a food allergy.  It was crazy, but when I gave him yogurt he broke out into hives.  I rushed him to the doctor and they said it was an allergic reaction.  When the blood test came back, it showed he was allergic to milk and eggs.  Because I was nursing, they recommended that I cut out ALL dairy and eggs from my diet.

freaked because, well butter.  And bread.  Everything has dairy and eggs.  I really thought I would have to stop breastfeeding.  I started thinking, why do I need to cut out these things if he hasn't had any reactions from nursing. Thankfully I thought to make an appointment with an allergist.  

He told me in very strong language that Pediatricians do not know much about allergies. He said that had I cut dairy and eggs out of my diet and prevented R3 from getting these things he would have developed a very serious allergy. The kind where you carry an epi pen serious.

Thankfully, within a few scary months with lots of food trials, we eradicated his milk allergy.  Then we worked on the eggs.  I would literally give him a drop to start, and then increase the amount 50% each day, until he was getting an entire serving.  It went well.  

Today I can say that my son is food allergy free.  Thank GOD I went to an allergist.  And we know that he has other issues, that have nothing to do with allergies.  We made it, and so can you.  HUGS.

Please consult with a licensed medical professional if your child has food allergies.  We worked with a pediatric allergy specialist on a plan that worked for our son, but every child is different. 

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