Looking good mama!

As you may know, I am a bit of a health nut.  We eat organically and healthfully.  I also work out.  I'm lucky enough to work out with a group of moms that I really like, and we get our butts kicked by our instructors regularly.

These mamas rock.  They are all balancing motherhood, being a wife, dinner, preschool drop off, kid activities, and lots of them work too.  This sound like you?  Moms are amazing, but one thing I have learned is that we don't take care of ourselves the way that we should.  We always spend money on the rugrats, not on ourselves.  It's especially hard to spend money on yourself when you aren't happy with how you look.

"I want to lose ten pound before I buy this." I have heard this over and over from mamas during our workouts. "I need new workout clothes, but I never feel cute and comfortable."  Does this sound familiar?  I will bet that it does.  One Sunday I was at our local Athleta, taking a free class, and I got to thinking maybe there was help.  

I approached the Athleta team and explained my dilemma, I need cute clothes.  I need cute clothes that I can wear for working out, and then go straight to picking up my kids, or running to the grocery store, or doing any one of the million other things that fill my days. I'm want to look cute, put together and I want the hubs to say, "Wowee Zowee!" I don't want him to say, "Oh boy, sweatpants again."

The lovely ladies at Athleta were amazing.  Like a whirlwind, they dragged me through the store, showing me pants that actually fit, ones that go higher in the waist (to hide that mommy pooch), pants with drawstrings that won't gap when I bend over!  I'm just gonna go ahead and golf clap for that one. No one likes to see that, am I right?

(From L to R: Chi tank with Skinny up Pants, Skinny up Pants with Chill Factor Sweater Coat, PliƩ Tights with Cinch Popover.)

They gave me options.  Machine washable, stretchy options that I can nurse in.  Really.  Have I mentioned that they are coming out with an entire maternity line? I have seen a couple of pieces and wowza.  They have no idea how awesome that will be.  An entire line of cute work out gear for preggos!  Ah. Ma. Zing.

I am sharing with you some of my dressing room pictures from my shopping trip.  I'm sure you understand when I say, that it wasn't easy to smile for pictures that will be seen in public, while in workout gear.  After three kids, this old figure isn't what it used to be.  The ladies at Athleta couldn't have been nicer and more helpful.  I hope you have as much success as I did.  Happy hunting ladies!

(L to R Metro Slouch with Studio Boatneck Sweatshirt, Metro Slouch with Slub Bombastic Jacket, and Running Wild Half-Zip with PliƩ Tights)

(Daybreak Hoodie with Striped Polatec Pants)
(L to R Lined City Joggers with Quilted Half Zip, Reversible Translation Dress with Striped Polartec Pants, Metallic Down Vest with Striped Polartec Pants)

I was given merchandise for the purposes of this review.


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