EZPZ Review!

If any of you remember back to a while ago, I was nerding it up for the annual ABC Kids Expo.  It is an annual trade show in Vegas where anyone who is anyone in the baby/kid world displays and finds new stuff.  I remembered seeing this little beauty, the EZPZ, there and watching some of my favorite (fangirl moment) baby gear peeps geek out about this product too.  I actually squealed like a little girl when FedEx delivered the box.  I dropped everything and raced for my camera.  The packaging was cute with a very nice note from the founder. I even loved the notecard, have I mentioned my obsession with beautiful paper products?  No?  Well, add it to the list

Onto the EZPZ attack!  I ripped it out of the container and flopped it onto the counter.  It sticks.  Really.  All of those videos that show people unable to pick it up are TRUE.  It is removed when you pick up the edges.  I had the four year old try it, and she couldn't pick it up. At this point the entire family was watching.  Next, I had the two year old try it.  Yes, after watching me he figured out how to lift it up.  That actually doesn't bother me too much, as he is learning to use utensils and manners, and the EZPZ is a really good non slip placemat with the bowl attached. 

She was so excited that she matched!  Lol.  

You can see that even though he knows how to pick it up, he ate very well out of it.  And by very well I mean the yogurt, not the collards.

For a learning baby, like Belle, this is great.  Unfortunately it isn't small enough for the high chair tray, but on any booster style high chair that pulls up to the table (or one with a tray that is 15 inches wide) it will work great!  It's a new company, and I would expect to see lots of new designs in the very near future.

At this point I decided I should probably read the literature provided on the pretty paper, instead of flinging it aside to get to the toy (I mean my children's new placemat).  My stealthily crunchy heart squealed again when I noticed that the EZPZ is made of silicone.  No plastic.  It's also phthalate and lead free, dishwasher and - SAY WHAT!?!? -  Microwave safe.  You heard me correctly: microwave and dishwasher safe.  It retails for $24.99, and they are accepting orders now at EZPZ and major retailers like amazon.

Go getcha one; it rocks.  Just in case you want to try one before you can buy one, I will be hosting a EZPZ GIVEAWAY in the near future (when I reach 1000 followers on Facebook).  Keep a look out on my Facebook page, follow me by email and any of my accounts, and I will give you plenty of notice.  Heck, if you live nearby, I may even bring it to you if you win!


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