Those Jeans

You know the ones.  The ones that sit in your closet for years.   The ones, in my case, that have survived military move after military move.  The ones I met my hubby in, the ones that define my feelings about my body and fitness.  We all have them.
Today, mine fit.  After three babies, more weight gained and lost than I would care to admit, they fit.
I had an inkling.   My friend texted me and said, you are looking skinny!  Another asked how was it possible that I didn't look like I've had three kids.  I was taken aback and very flattered,  and it got me thinking.   Thinking about those jeans.
Today after a "family" brunch I decided to find them.  It wasn't easy!  Those doggone things were buried so deeply in my closet.  I probably didn't want to face them again, unable to fit a thigh.
They turned up, I got em on, they zipped easily (hallelujah! ), and I just stared for a minute.   What the?   They fit?! 
Yup.  I think this is a fitting end to 30 Days No Sugar.  More than just the two pounds I wanted to lose, it was almost four.  I will close this drawer and murder a brownie,  as promised.  
Drops mic and walks away.

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