Buyer Beware

Ladies and germs, when you buy a piece of baby gear, one with a hefty price tag?  Buy it from an authorized retailer.  Take it from me and my awful experience with my Bumbleride Indie Twin. 

You see, I thought it was legit.  It was on EBay, and lots of retailers sell there.  I just so happened to get one that wasn't so legit.  It was a pretty good deal.  Not insanely good, but I love a bargain and I was psyched.  When the box showed up I had a heart attack.  My new in the box stroller was in a box that had completely disintegrated.  Had I been home I would have refused delivery.  That was the first clue. I contacted EBay, the seller, UPS, and anyone else I could find.  The seller literally disappeared.  EBay found in their favor and UPS said they weren't responsible.  Really?  A $750 stroller and no one is responsible for the condition that it arrived in?

I set about trying to fix it.  I contacted Bumbleride and local bike repair places.  The frame was so bent that there was nothing to be done.  Here is where Bumbleride WINS at customer service.  They were appalled that one of their strollers was mangled and were so lovely about helping me.  After hearing about Ebay finding in the sellers favor, and finding out that one of their warehouse employees had taken it from there, they GIFTED me with a brand new one.  You heard that correctly.   They gave me a new Indie Twin.

What an absolute blessing.  They in no way were responsible for what happened,  but they made it right.  That company has my loyalty for life.  

While my story had a happy ending, many do not.  I was very, very lucky.  Learn from my mistakes friends,  buy from an authorized retailer! 

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