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The JPMA trade show is baby wonderland.  I seriously love playing with all of the new toys, and I mean toys for parents-not for kids. HA! JPMA stands for Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association, and it is a time for brands to share their new products with the folks who will carry them in their stores.  Well, and media people like me. (This post contains some affiliate links, which earn me a small commission on your purchase.)

This is the ONLY trade show of its kind because on the last day, they open their doors to the public.  Why is that so great?  It is the only access that regular folks will ever get to the designers, CEO's and marketing reps for basically every brand.  You have a question?  Those are the people that can answer them.  Most of these products are not available just yet, but expect to see them in the next month or so.

Let's start with some of the highlights for me: