Ok, ok, I admit.  This wasn't our first pumpkin patch experience this year.  We had an unexpected Daddy day, because we were supposed to be headed to NYC.  Supposed to?  Yep.  Little man took longer to recover from his surgery than we had anticipated, and his health comes first.  We stayed home and had a little fun!

We headed to Gaver Tree Farm in Frederick County.  Honestly it was my first time, and the farm was gorgeous.  The only bummer was that EVERY child in the state of Maryland had no school, so it was crazy packed.  Instead of slides and trampolines, we settled for a hayride and a picnic.  Not too shabby.

The Honeybadger was very excited to pick apples (which of course was closed).  We had to become a mini song and dance team to avoid a meltdown.

Next up?  Korean food.  SUPER YUM.  My sweetheart and I are food nerds.  Our favorite part about traveling is discovering local cuisine. Have I mentioned our trip around the world?  No?  Well our first stop was South Korea, and it was unexpectedly amazing.  We were there visiting a friend and had few expectations.  We fell in love with, you guessed it, the food.  (Not only the food, but it makes the story better.). 

Here in the DC Metro area, we are very lucky to have excellent ethnic food choices.  Korean is not an exception.  I had a wonderful friend introduce us to handmade fermented black bean noodles.  I can't even talk about it, or I will get hungry again.  Amazing.  Try it, you will LOVE it.  

Our final stop was a small carnival in our neighborhood (LOVE that).  The kids got their faces painted, jumped in a bouncy house, and we attempted to teach them the finer points of cornhole.  That was just silly.

Clearly, we did not do a good job.  I hope you had an amazing weekend too and stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for my at-home coverage of the ABC Kids Expo!  The gear is incredible!!