Being a mom is the most amazing and rewarding journey. I think we'd all agree it's worth every tough and tired moment, but motherhood, no matter how you cut it, can be exhausting.

Life is as crazy as ever for us, but now that we're beyond the baby stage, I feel like I have a little bit more flexibility to focus on myself. Whether that means getting a workout in or a dinner out with girlfriends, it feels good to recharge. I know it helps me be the best version of myself including being a better mom to my kiddos.  Whatever stage you're at in your journey of motherhood, I strongly encourage you to take time to care for yourself. During this phase it might be a cup of tea and a few pages of a book after your little ones go to sleep, but do what you can, when you can, to feel your best.

I'm so excited to have teamed up with a group of blogging mamas to bring you a fantastic giveaway focused on self-care and items to help you feel your best. Be sure to stop by and check out these awesome ladies and their blogs:  Rebecca from Mainely Mama, Carolina from Mama Instincts, and Erin from A Parenting Production

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