A couple of weeks ago we were invited to the beach by Belle's godfather and his hubby.  I was beyond thrilled!  I didn't think it was in the cards this year to let the kiddos experience the beach and that was a bummer.  Also the hubs had been begging me to take the kids and vacate the premises so he could work.

The hubs is finishing his PhD along with working full time and having three kids.  He's crazy busy and really needed a couple of uninterrupted days to write.  We were all happy to head out!

The drive went really well.  With the new minivan I can fit all three kiddos across, which I love.  What I don't love is the constant touching, annoying and poking of siblings.  I'm constantly saying, "Hands to yourself and quiet voices!"  

We arrived, unpacked and proceeded to have the best time! Lots of junk food, juice boxes, sand and sun.  It was glorious.  I love experiencing these sorts of moments with the kids.  Everything is so new it's like they are seeing it for the first time.  The major downfall was not being able to share it with the hubs. 

When we arrived, R3 had a pretty gross cold and Belle had a cough.  On Wednesday she woke up really sick.  She was moaning in her crib and had a high fever.  Off to the doc in a box, and PRESTO! an ear infection.  I have never seen her so listless and sad with a minor ear infection, so when the fever spiked after nap, we headed home.  Fortunately, the kids had been well entertained with a crepe stop and beach activities, so I threw everything into bags.  

The uncles rinsed the sand off, we threw them in the car and I drove home.  Poor little love.  I'm happy to report that she is feeling much better!  The big ones are still sad at the loss of beach, uncles and dogs but they will get over it!  Especially since we have California and Disney VERY SOON!  

Just in case you are wondering about the sun safe swimwear my kids are wearing this summer, you can find them at Garnet Hill.

Stay tuned, I will be writing a few features with Wandersnappers all about it!


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