Holiday gift buying can be challenging.  You want to pick something that will be truly special and memorable, right?  With that in mind, I came up with a few options. We try to stick to the minimalist Christmas thing, because all of the kids have birthdays within a month of December!

Have you ever heard of want it, need it, wear it, read it?  This is the theme we use for giving our kids Christmas gifts. We try to find one gift they really:

Want: A toy or game.

Need: HELLOOO SOCKS! JK. Art supplies, back-packs, lunchboxes. Anything your kidlet needs to get through their day.

Wear: This is where you make up for all the holes in the knees of your kids' pants!

Read: Self-explanatory. We are into Pete the Cat and anything by Moe Willems.

You can do this for your significant other too!

Now pay close attention, because I am giving away one of these awesome gifts!